Monday, September 27, 2010

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Yesterday I got to thinking about our trip. Yes I did get tried of the same breakfast. Bread, sliced meat, cheese, fruit sometimes and usually a soft boiled egg or in Italy prepared dry eggs (Uak). But as we drove thru Germany every little borg had a church. Also on Sundays most business were closed. Only if we in the USA would adopt that.
The drivers are crazy in Italy and really dont stay between the lines. Stop lights are only a suggestion so watch out when you cross the street.
In Germany the drivers are horn happy if you dont do what you should be doing. And you better use your turn signals. Most drivers on the autobahn drove a reasonable speed but when you didnt have a speed limit some were going by at 200 km (124 miles per hour).
We saw some beautiful spots in Italy really loved Assisi and Lake Maggiore. In Venice we went to one of the other islands Burano a little fishing village with brightly colored homes.
In Germany the highlight was the salt mine tour near Salzburg. Some of the lakes were picturesque but lots of hikers boy do they love to hike even on the streets of some cities do you see people walking with walking poles.
Rick and I feel like we have seen enough of Italy and Germany. We had a opportunity and we took it and we enjoyed every minute.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back Home

We arrive home on Wednesday night after a 11 1/2 hr flight from Frankfurt, Germany. We are having a hard time getting our body clocks back to pacific time Last night I slept for about 7 hrs. I did need to medicate myself!!
We now start the procces of getting our pictures and video together, that may take a couple of weeks. It was the trip of a lifetime and and enjoyed every minute. We will share our pictures with you later.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Melsungen, Germany

Today we stopped for the night in Melsungen a town with many half timbered houses most were built about 1550. Off to Franfort tomorrow and home on Wednesday.


We left hamburg today. We were there for 3 nights. one day we drove to the Baltic sea it is aways smooth no waves. We visit Lubeck and Liel. Lubeck was completely destroyed by the British during WW 2 but rebuilt in 1956.
The next day we road the train into town and took a harbor tour , Hamburg is one of the largest ports. There was a cruise ship in dry dock for repairs and a large private ship been built. It had built proof glass, missale launch. It's owned by a Russian billionaire, I wonder what he is going to use it for?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional info

The cathederal yesterday was saved during the ww2 even though it is right next to a major railway station. But it is still black from all the fires. They are trying to restore it.